Big Chinese site is stealing content

I was out googling for ecommerce solutions to MODx today (foxycart seems to be the only real alternative) and stumbled upon a result having the exact same title as one of my tutorials. The domain was unknown to me, intriguing so I clicked the link.

I end up on a page that had just ripped my content word by word, making money with Adsense to boot, and not even linking back to me! What a mess, I started checking out what other tutorials they had in their so called directory. Turns out all the content on the whole sub-domain is completely stolen, a few examples:

JavaScript: Redirecting URL by is for instance stolen here.

Restricting access of JavaScript libraries to designated domains by is copied here.

DD Tab Menu (5 styles) by is ripped here.

Who knows what else, maybe your content too?

After that I checked the top domain, that’s how I noticed it was Chinese, and to my dismay, quite big. They have an Alexa rank of about 19K, “shame on you” as Hillary would say.

I wonder how Google acts in these cases, obviously they have parsed the content without any definite action of excluding one of the pages. I mean taken to the extreme someone could launch thousands of sites, rip some content and post it on all of them to completely flood the directories, possibly ranking higher than the original in time, if nothing ever gets removed.

One would think that it should be trivial for the directories to completely kill these places through a less than Einsteinian algorithm. “Hm all the content on this site is a copy and when cross checking with the other site very little of its content is ripped plus the fact that all its articles were included earlier. Gee I wonder which one is the bad guy?”.

Could the answer be that is running Adsense and therefore is getting immunity? The extra cash Google is making through them might maybe make them think twice before they remove the obviously ripped content?

I can handle quite a lot, this example for instance, the guy has translated my stuff word for word to Chinese but he is linking back to me and all. It even strokes my ego a little bit, I’m published in several languages wow! One could even claim he is advancing the knowledge of the world by his tireless translating efforts.

However, the behavior of is completely off the charts, given the size and scale of the “operation” and all, what can be done about this crap? Don’t say submit a spam ticked to Google, I’ve already done that. I’ve emailed the above three ripped sites too, will be interesting to read their responses. As far as I know there is not much to be done?

Update: I just found an example of what I feared above, the Testing htmlentities() PHP Function has been ripped here and when doing a straight search for it you see that the fake one is at spot 2 and the real one shows only on spot 5, what a sorry state of affairs.

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