Hi, I’m a Swedish web developer, currently living in Malta. This blog was started for two main reasons:

1.) I needed to start to write down all the nice little tips and tricks I’ve discovered during countless hours of problem solving. This blog will therefore be as much for myself as for my readers. It will function as some kind of repository for all these pieces of very nice information.

2.) I want to share my experiences and work. I will document my work for future reference if I have to revisit old projects and I will do it in a way that makes the information useful for everyone.

I can be reached at for whatever reason.

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Super Categories:

I’ve recently started looking at Clojure, it’s a fantastic glue language due to the fact that it’s a JVM language with excellent Java interop, no need to reinvent the wheel. I’ve even written some articles that are describing my explorations.

Ruby with a focus on desktop development, who would’ve known? Surely not me. The crown is the wxRuby series on how to create an editor with Scintilla.

That PHP is a big thing here is no surprise though as it is what I do exclusively at work. Two big series there is the multi user CMS/Community tutorial using Zend Framework with Smarty. Another more fresh series covering one of the most exciting libraries in the PHP world is working with Doctrine, definitely a must if you are curious about this ORM or have never heard of it before.

I’ve discovered PicoLisp, an interpreted minimalistic Lisp with a very nice OODB system at heart. My goal is to extend it with more functionality that will make it friendlier for normal web development. At the moment the GUI framework is very much geared towards more or less automatically creating interfaces sitting on top of the OODB. If you are simply creating interfaces for database manipulation and don’t really care about stuff like templating it’s a killer, you’ll be finished in to time. If you’re looking for something more general purpose you can wait for me to finish or maybe give me a hand? Anyway the entry point here is the newbie series.

jQuery and Javascript
I have also discovered jQuery, an awesome Javascript framework that I use all the time. There are quite a few articles in this category, the more popular is sorting with jQuery sortable and the massive grid edit tutorial which is covering a hell of a lot more than just editing in place.

Flash and Actionscript
My dear old Flash also has its own category, not too much there though and a lot of it dated, stuff covering more recent developments such as Actionscript 3 is popular. Hardly surprising, an example is the jQuery style AMFPHP example with AS3.

CMS stuff
And finally we’ve got the CMS category, so far I’ve managed to cover Joomla, MODx and TYPO3. Mostly MODx since it’s my favorite. There’s also quite a lot of WordPress stuff in here since it’s the blog platform I chose. Over time I’ve managed quite a lot of modifications but have no fear, they’re all covered in various articles.

/ Henrik Sarvell