My WordPress setup

Akismet: I’m considering removing it since my spam problems are over, check out why.

AWPT: I use it only to insert the Google analytics code into the site, I might aswell do that just by copy pasting it somewhere but this is a convenient way that won’t clutter up my theme code.

Code Autoescape: I use my own modified version of Piryadi’s plugin. It will simply let me post HTML, XML and whatever code without it screwing with WordPress or WordPress screwing with it. The code highlighting is run client side with jQuery Chili.

FeedBurner FeedSmith

Google XML Sitemaps

In Series: This plugin allowes me to create series of articles with their own tables of contents etc, very nice indeed!

MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer

Related Posts is replacing the old posts from same category plugin, the main reason is that it can insert its magic into my feed too.

Popularity Contest: This one is responsible for displaying and ranking top posts, you have a lot of settings to determine exactly what a popular post is. On top of that the backend reporting/statistics page is totally awesome! Good work Alex! (Yes I donated some.)


Whats New Whats Fresh Whats Happening…: Is responsible for creating latest posts and latest comments lists. Stats

WordPress Database Backup

WordPress Hashcash: I’ve written about this one earlier.

WP Limit Posts Automatically: This one can be seen in action if you browse a page that is not a single article, home for instance.

Got Banners is rotating my banners at the top of the page. I had to rip out all echoing but the echoing in the for loop in the got_banners() function to get rid of the default styling which was extremely annoying.