A2 hosting review

A2 Hosting is my web hotel of choice. I can’t really remember anymore how I came to sign up with them. I think it started with a google search for “php5 hosting reviews”. So why do I like A2 to such an extent that I actually try to hawk their services as an affiliate?

1.) They are one of the best choices, if not the best choice, for companies and developers who work with the cutting edge. If you have A2 you never have to worry that this or that technology won’t be installed or available, that is a major relief for me after having used a few other, cheaper hosts before I ended up with A2.

2.) The support is awesome, I signed up here from Thailand with Swedish details and ended up in their security filter. After opening a ticket the issue was resolved in a few hours. They will also try to accommodate you in the rare event that you need something that isn’t currently installed.

They might not be the cheapest choice out there but if you run more than one domain you can go for the Executive account and host as many domains as you like. In that case the cost per domain could become really, really small. With the Executive account you also get as many MySQL/PostgreSQL databases as you want. Even though I’m a professional and can easily manage without any kind of control panel at all I do appreciate that A2 has CPanel which IMHO is one of the best panels, if not the best.

In case you’re looking to take the next step to a VPS setup they are very affordable, I don’t really see the point of paying for instance SliceHost more for the same setup and service.

Check out A2’s phpinfo(). As you can see mod_rewrite is turned on and PHP is compiled with PDO and PDO drivers for major databases, the Zend Framework runs like a charm with this setup.

So if you are considering upgrading from your php4 hosting, switching to Ruby on Rails or maybe even shopping around for your very first hosting package, why not try A2?