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There will be a maximum of 5 rotating 125×125 banners at the top of the page which will show site wide and have following turned on. Each spot is $10/month or the equivalent in EUR.

If you go for a banner you will get a discount for long term purchases:

3 months: 10%
6 months: 25%
1 year: 50%

The months add up so two spots for 3 months equals a 25% discount on both. The area also adds up, if you buy two spots you can put a 250×125 ad there instead and this big banner will of course also enjoy a 25% discount.

Animated GIFs and shockwaves are not a problem within limits.

Link: Contact me at: . There are two options, a custom link or I sign you up with TNX (I’ll give you a referral code).


At the time of update (Sep 2009) the site has had on average 54 000 page views per month the prior 3 months. With an average of 28 000 unique visitors.

The biggest countries/territories (percentage of total traffic according to Google Analytics):

(Europe 50%):
  Germany 8%
  UK 6%
  France 5%

USA 20%
India 5%
Canada 3%

The page view count will probably rise over time as more articles and tutorials are added (another reason to buy long term), however the above top countries will probably stay the same.

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