Some blogs are going strong, some not

A lot of the giants have changed focus or lost whatever it was I liked from the beginning.

A few examples:

Joel is mostly writing about decorating his new office nowadays, that might be interesting for interior decorators and other people working with real estate but not me.

Stevey has started regurgitating his talks on the blog, these posts are not really the stuff that made me read him in the first place, at least he warns us…

Jeff is revisiting old topics like never before, a slightly new angle or additional information isn’t enough, it’s boring.

Paul’s frequency was never that great and essays about how parents are lying to their kids isn’t helping, cool if you’re a parent maybe but I’m not a dad yet.

Zed is not that angry anymore, I still like his language though but reading rants about feed readers is simply not as fun as rants about people and companies.

Tchay has woken up lately from some kind of foray into photo blogging, that is refreshing, we’ll see if it lasts.

Luke Welling was going strong for a while but then promptly died.

Rands has gotten enmeshed in “normal” details of life, sigh. I want to read about nerdfotainment not coffee mugs.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still subscribe to all of the above, any one of them might drop a killer at any time. It’s just that I need more high quality general stuff to try and fill the current (and hopefully temporary) void with.

Any suggestions, what are you yourself reading that would work for me now that you know what I like?

Still going strong:

Fake Steve Jobs with his latest invention of “guest bloggers” while he is on a vacation, the Jerry Yang posts were simply hilarious.

Worse than failure never disappoints.

I just read a great post by Peter Christensen. If he can keep that level he will joint the giants.

Penguin Pete has also been writing a lot of good stuff lately. Him and Christensen are really helping to fill the void.

A few blogs in my own tutorial genre that deserve your attention if they don’t have it already:

David Walsh

Jani Hartikainen

CSS Tricks

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