My letter to Kathy

Hello Kathy, I just discovered Creating passionate users, a tad too late it seems. I’m writing this because I really, really like your content and I want to you to start writing again. I’m sure you’ve already got a lot of emotionally supportive letters and so on so I’m not gonna go there, because obviously they didn’t succeed. Instead I’m gonna take a practical and proactive approach.

From what I’ve been able to gather there is still one shitty little asshole out there somewhere that you haven’t been able to identify yet. What is worse, it seems like he is the reason you’re not writing anymore, or your fear of drawing his attention, or more of his ilk’s attention.

Let’s pretend that the person that has made these death threats is actually capable and willing to carry them out. Highly unlikely, but for the sake of argument… In this situation you have a lot more options than for instance a woman in Sweden (my home country). Because you live in a country that has evened out the playing field between the sexes! I’m sure a lot of Swedish women would’ve liked to have the legal alternatives that you enjoy in their daily struggle with abusive, jealous, and alcoholic men, and don’t even get me started on the country I currently live in. My point is that you should feel priveliged, lucky and empowered simply because you are a US citizen and use that to your advantage.

I’ve found three good links that might be of help:

Choosing the Carry Gun

Choosing A Concealed Carry Gun


I’m sure that owning a good carry gun and knowing how to use it would boost your morale immensely. I don’t know about domestic travel though but if it’s possible to bring your gun in check in baggage then you’re home free. You would be safe everywhere you go as the probability of the guy trying something in public, inside an airport to boot, is extremely slim.

To actually try something would qualify the guy as a total maniac. I don’t have any research to back this up with but I imagine that he would want you to see him coming, and the likelihood of him coming after you seriously armed doesn’t fit with the profile. Imagine his surprise when you pull your piece on him when he stands there smirking with some silly knife or baseball bat!

Besides, anyone this disturbed would probably come after you anyway, it will almost certainly not matter at all if you start writing again or not.

Kathy, I implore you, get over these morons and get on with it. You said it yourself, no one wants to be mediocre and you certainly are not! Hence there will be haters. But damn it, bring them on then!

Henrik Sarvell

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