RAM Cache and Redirecting to it in Apache

I’ve just had to cache all images on a site in RAM in order to limit the amount of disc scratching going on.

Mounting an existing folder can be done like this:

mount -t tmpfs -o size=3G,mode=0777 tmpfs /var/www/domain.com/cache

Add remount, in front of size in that line to remount.

After that I copied some folder images into the cache folder.

It might be tempting to then try some rewrite magic in the .htaccess file (as it was for me) but as I learned more I realized that the action needs to come earlier, in the virtual hosts file in fact:

AliasMatch /images/(.*)$ /var/www/domain.com/cache/images/$1

Above is an example of a line I put in my virtual hosts file for the domain in question. It will load the images from the cache folder instead of the normal folder.

Seems to be working.

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