VirtualBox with WinXP guest in Ubuntu

1.) Get the newest VirtualBox through Synaptic for instance.
2.) Don’t use or install VBoxGtk, the default manager is good enough.
3.) Follow the wizard after clicking new, choose expanding disk space (20 gig to start with) and 512 MB RAM.
4.) If you don’t have your XP on a CD just mount an ISO instead, it’s easy you just browse to it after selecting ISO instead of CD/DVD.
5.) Now you will have resolution problems if you’re on a wide screen monitor. Have no fear, on the actual window running XP there is a Devices menu, choose Install Guest Additions there.
6.) If the install of the additions doesn’t automatically begin simply browse to the mounted ISO in explorer and double click it to begin.
7.) Enjoy any resolution you want as well as not having to release the mouse all the time.
8.) Turn off notifications because they will screw with VirtualBox, very annoying flickers every time they pop up. I couldn’t find a better solution than this one from Ted Dziuba. What a mess that this thing can’t be shut down in the preferences.

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