Keyboard modes with Shift+Alt+L in Ubuntu

For years I’ve run into the annoying issue of accidentally triggering some keyboard mode switch by way of a keyboard shortcut combination that I could not find otherwise.

Just now however I managed to trigger it again and this time I was aware of what I pressed: Shift + (left) Alt + L.

This is the asdf keys after one press: ªßðđ.

The mode swith I have implemented my custom mod map also changes and this behaviour might in fact be related to that because no matter how I’ve googled I haven’t been able to solve this issue until now, hinting that it might be more or less unique to me.

This is the asdf keys after two presses of Shift+Alt+L with my special Caps Lock pressed: ªßðđ.

And after three presses it equals the Caps Lock key being pressed all the time so then asdf becomes: a_-(.

And on the forth press I’m back to normal.

I hope this helps if you’re in the same situation as I was.

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