Earnings report 2007 – 2008

I just realized that the blog just passed the one year mark. It’s been a blast!

Why not take a look at just how lucrative a tech blog is by checking how much I’ve earned the prior year, John Chow style?

Private ad sales: $300

Text Link Ads: $42.2

TNX: $183.08

Adsense: $111.3

Kontera: $6.16

Grand Total: $642.74

$/Post: $4.04 (I’m not growing rich from this am I?)

That’s a far cry from John’s $30-40K/month, maybe I should switch topic 🙂

Note that I’ve only run TNX and TLA for a few months so far, Adsense has been there almost from the start.

Kontera is trailing Google’s $0.44 eCPM at $0.33, that on top of the fact that their ads only show for the richest %20 of all people in the world is seriously making me consider throwing them out. Those two facts combined makes Adsense pull in more cash in a couple of days than Kontera is doing in a month. Add to that; their ads are in my opinion the most intrusive and irritating of all.

I will definitely throw them out in about 5 years when I can cash out my first cool $100 which by that point will probably be toilet paper anyway. Maybe I should do it right away then…

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