WordPress Adsense Injection problems and solutions

Lately I’ve started to tentatively monetize my content. One of the first things I realized was how crappy my click rates were for adsense in the sidebar.

Adsense Injection promises to relieve that problem somewhat by inserting adsense randomly in the text. Awesome, so I downloaded the plugin and installed it. God nonono it didn’t work with my template, the text would not wrap around the ads! The reason being me not using paragraph tags when I write. I do not use the wysiwyg editor because I frequently manage code snippets in my posts and I’m too lazy to bother with explicitly using paragraph tags. Had I used the p tag then I would’ve been fine apparently.

Changing all my articles was totally out of the question so the hunt for some fix was on. The LZZR Adsense Injection MOD took care of the wrap problem when I set all margins to 10 in the WordPress backend of the plugin. However, the biggest 336×280 size just wouldn’t go away even though I ticked it off. A quick check in the code revealed that lzzr had forgotten these lines:

if($_POST[‘336×280’] == “on”) update_option(‘ai_336x280’, “checked=on”);
else update_option(‘ai_336x280’, “”);

After adding the above code to line number 59-60 everything was fine and I’m really happy with how the injection plugin works now.

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