New look!

I just updated the layout, I think it’s much cleaner and nicer now. Loads faster too 🙂 Anyway, hope you like it!

If it’s broken then please refresh your browser to recache the CSS.

I finally understood why the YAML templates I use all the time (because my CSS skills are too crappy) use the clear attribute a lot. If you want two DIVs to be positioned side by side you have to add “clear: both” to the stylesheet attached to the DIV that comes after them in the markup. But of course, you already knew that.

Anyway in the rare case that you didn’t:

	<div class="left">
		Some content to the left.
	<div class="right">
		Some content to the right but on equal 
                vertical level with the content to the left.
	<div class="clear"></div>
	float: left;

	float: right;

	clear: both;

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