Solving some Internet Explorer bugs

For this I use the patches and hacks in YAML, as far as I can see they cover everything as it applies to the design we’re working with in this tutorial series, at least when it comes to IE7.

To test it out you can check out this demo. It should work OK in IE7, Firefox and Chrome.

View the source and you will see a conditional statement at the top:

<!--[if lte IE 7]>

<link href="css/patch_1-2-3.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />


These lines will load the patches for all the IE problems, but only if the user is running IE7 or lower which is great because that means we can attack the IE specific bugs separately by including IE specific changes at the end, after all the rest of the CSS has loaded.

Use Firebug to easily view the contents of the patch files if you want to see how to solve each and every problem listed below.

I spent some time going through the iehacks.css file in YAML core, there are some references there to bug descriptions and solutions, for the interested here they are:

A discussion of fixed clearing problems in IE7 can be found on 456bereastreet.

The IE/Win Disappearing List-Background Bug

IE/Win Guillotine Bug

The IE5/6 Doubled Float-Margin Bug

Internet Explorer 6 and the Expanding Box Problem

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