WordPress Code Separation and Syntax Highlighting

I recently had a comment from a guy named Daniel about the code separation plugin I’m using. First I felt inclined to answer in a comment but I feel that the problem he is talking about deserves it’s own thread.

Just a suggestion – it would greatly improve the look and readability of the site/guides if you could use syntax highlighting on the php code you show.

I totally agree with him. The problem is that I reviewed about 5 different plugins doing highlighting and I wasn’t happy with any of them. I don’t want to have to upload sources all the time, I just want to be able to paste code straight into my posts and the plugins that manage that all had various issues. At least the ones I tried.

Finally I found a plugin that didn’t have any problems except one, it doesn’t do highlighting. However I felt that it was so superior that it didn’t matter. The plugin and a description of many of the problems with highlighting in WordPress can be found on Priyadi’s blog.

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