Speedlinking – 15 November 2007

I just browsed the new links section over at dzone and I found a lot of good stuff, both technical and general. It’s time for my first speedlinking!

You think making a GUI for your Ruby app is a hassle? Maybe not anymore, JRuby is marching on, check out this example: Getting Your Feet Wet With Java in JRuby. Awesome stuff!

Site design made easy with: Scientific Web Design: 23 Actionable Lessons from Eye-Tracking Studies.

Want to write even less code in Ruby? Maybe your problem can be solved with pattern matching.

Sandy3D 3.0 has been released. Sandy3D enables 3D graphics natively in Flash, could be cool in some applications.

AsWing enables easy creation of GUIs in Flash and version 1.2 has now been released.

Even without Flash it’s possible to do some cool stuff, my own Ajax feed reader tutorial is an example of that. This is an example of other cool animations and effects done with scriptaculous.

A little example of unit testing private methods in Ruby.

Installing FFMPEG can be a real pain in the ass, I know from first hand experience. I was even considering doing a how to on it, seems like I don’t have to when I can use this FFMPEG install guide instead.

A few Ajax pitfalls to consider.

No one likes regular expressions, especially since you rarely use them. However, when you do use them it often has to do with parsing HTML for something. That is where the htmlSQL PHP class is a big help, it lets you access HTML with SQL, sounds strange? Just go to the homepage and see for yourself how it works.

Bugzilla is a nice bugtracking tool, the install can be painful though. Here is a Bugzilla install how to. Another alternative is to integrate Mantis and dotProject.

Cooking with Multicore is a new section of linuxmagazine that will focus on yes, that is correct, multicore programming.

Flamingo 3 gets a new vision, for instance to enable interfaces that look better than vista and office 2007.

Is PHP on it’s way down? Maybe not, perhaps namespaces can save PHP.

If you ever need to create a nice looking Java GUI then maybe this review of the book Filthy Rich Clients could be helpful.

Nice Flex tutorial series.

Flare facilitates making visualizations with Flex.

Seems like Activerecord for Ruby has a contender in the form of DataMapper, interesting stuff indeed. And it also seems like Ruby on Rails has a contender in Merb. Guess which ORM Merb uses?

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