Speedlinking 19 Jan 2008

Time for some nice links again, as usual most links are from Dzone.

Software Startup Daily
News, tips and tricks on how to actually make money from software, not just glory.

jQuery 1.2.2
A new version of jQuery is out, impressive speed improvements! I upgraded immidiately.

Recommended Ruby and RoR books
Some Ruby and RoR books that are probably worth reading.

Some good freelance tips

Zed’s C2I2 hypothesis
I like it, it reflects my own experiences. I’m raising it from hypothesis to fact, amen.

Engine Yard gets some money
Big news in the Ruby world.

Maybe a good idea, maybe bad. The value of the tutorial series is undeniable anyway.

Yet another email protection scheme

Flex style creator
Yet another Flex framework, here used to create styles for flex interfaces.

Cool, I’ll probably try it out someday.

Rich uploads in PHP
A new(?) addon for PHP enables you to use just Ajax to handle the progress bar etc. Looks like my way of uploading things with Flex is obsolete.

101 CSS techniques
My CSS skills suck big time, I’m still comfortable in the table swamp, stuff like this might help me get out of it.

10 Ruby Web Frameworks
I knew about RoR, Merb and Camping, the other 7 were news for me.

Big freelance resource

Quicker Ajax

Javascript Color Picker
Could come in handy someday.

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