SMS gateway how to

So you’ve gotten the unsavory task of rewriting the SMS Gateway because the old one is coded in the C equivalent of level 1 code? You have extremely few specs and the old code makes you run for aspirin? What the hell do you do? Here is the walk through:

1.) First you need the specs for the protocols you are going to be working with. If you are lucky you only have to do SMPP, if you are less lucky you have to do UCP/EMI too. Read them carefully.
2.) If you have to do some serious trigger actions when these small messages drop in then I suggest you go with PostgreSQL. So download it and install, make sure you get the dev related stuff too, some headers I think.
3.) Download the libpqxx source and compile it as a static library, you might need headers from #2 to accomplish this.
4.) Download smppcxx and compile to a static library.
5.) Use docs and headers acquired in #2 to compile the triggers you need.
6.) Using your triggers and compiled libraries you can now proceed to actually code the main app. By now you should have gotten better specs from HQ.

Some tips: Make use of the kannel project if you can. Use a lot of C++/stdlib bling to make the code slick and tiny. Don’t try and use some kind of cygwin or mingw/msys environment to do this on windows, go with linux right away and save yourself a lot of pain. Fire up some nice ide like anjuta or kdev. I almost forgot, SMPPSim is a very nice tool to test with. Good luck! You’re gonna need it…

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