Macropis – a Web Development Framework in PicoLisp

Macropis is a web dev framework that aims to eliminate the tedious parts of creating new applications and sites.

It gives you menu handling, localization, cookie based sessions, content handling, page handling, access control and more but otherwise gets out of your way.

If Macropis is seen as the batteries that are included you are free to use whichever batteries you want and discard the rest.

An URL retrieves a page, on the page are blocks, the blocks have attributes that control their behaviour. The blocks also display content that can be translated into any language, but they don’t have to do that, they can also output JSON or whatever you want.

In the traditional MVC terminology the entity relation class files are your model, the blocks are the views and the app code the controller.

Using Macropis for your own projects is easy, simply copy the default/simple web app and modify app.l to fit your needs and create your own modules and blocks.

For more info and download go to the bitbucket page. The app.l and main.l sources also contain useful comments.

Even more info can be found on the PicoLisp wiki.

Some screen shots of what the default installation looks like:

Block editor, create new blocks and drag and drop them on the page where they are to display or output:

The CRUD tool (think of it as phpMyAdmin for PicoLisp/Macropis):

Front end block edit mode:

Menu editor with drag and drop:

The translator which shows if any translatable content is clicked in translation mode:

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