Grey Reuben – a GTK3, GTK2, Metacity and Unity Theme

So this weekend I finally had enough of the GTK2 vs GTK3 theme discrepancies. Up until now I’ve resorted to simply do the default Radiance theme combined with the Metacity part of Reuben.

It was time to dig into all that GTK3 CSS to try to recreate Reuben in GTK3. At the same time I took the opportunity to change the color scheme to grey from brown. Below are two screen shots of A Widget Factory displaying the GTK2 and 3 results.

gtk2.png gtk3.png

As you can see the original GTK2 theme differs from my new GTK3 version. In order to create the GTK3 version I started out with the Radiance theme and to achieve 100% correlation would have taken more time than I was willing to give it so take it, fix it or leave it as it is. For me personally it’s good enough, more and more apps will probably convert to GTK3 in the future rendering the GTK2 original obsolete.

If you want to see what was changed simply do a diff with the Radiance and Grey Reuben files.

Download here and unzip into /usr/share/themes and install with for instance Unsettings.


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