Getting a custom Android ROM up and running the easy way

So, I’ve finally bought an Android phone (LG Optimus One) and it’s time to install a custom ROM, in my case CyanogenMod 7.

1.) Root your phone by installing GingerBreak.

2.) Install ClockWork Mod Recovery from the app store.

3.) Download for instance CyanogenMod 7 for Optimus One (my phone) and the Google Apps.

4.) Copy the zips to your SD card via the USB cable.

5.) Start Clockwork Mod Recovery and choose an option looking something like “Install from SD card”, browse to the zip of CyanogenMod 7 (install for instance IO File Manager to be able to do this), choose all three backup/wipe options. The phone will now reboot into CyanogenMod.

6.) Repeat #5 but this time choose the Google Apps zip.

Below are just nice settings to have unrelated to the modding:

7.) Go main settings Applications -> Development and enable Stay Awake to let the screen always be on when connected to your computer.

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