Cairo Dock – Buuf style!


I’ve just finished customizing Cairo Dock in Karmic Koala, I installed through the weekly repository which worked like a charm. At first I tried installing the default Ubuntu version through Synaptic but that older version proved to bee too unstable, the one I have now is 2.2 and runs like a charm.

It all started with me wanting to show two Cairo Clocks at the same time, one with Bangkok time and one showing the CET of my colleagues in Malta. That’s how I ran into Cairo Dock in Synaptic. As it happened that was exactly what I was able to do through adding two clock instances in the dock and setting their times independently.

In my screenshot (click the thumbnail above) I have minimized panel icon size, made the background transparent and put the dock in a vertical position to the left. I have also changed whatever icons I needed to change to Buuf versions for a complete Buuf experience! You have the Asian clock and the “old world” clock of Europe.

If you wonder why the screenshot resolution is so huge given that it was taken on a laptop know that I use a very special Sony VAIO. This machine is not recommended for women…

Apart from clocks, weather and eye candy (which I’m a sucker for) Cairo Dock brings two nice features to the table which could enhance your productivity:
Stack is basically a list where you can put quick links to anything including texts and urls, handy for for instance a quick link to your Gmail.
Clipper contains recently copied and selected text in a stack so you can go back and retrieve stuff which could be extremely handy.

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