A list of web applications built with LISP

The following list is compiled from the replies I got on the LISP reddit and other stuff I’ve found here and there. I suppose the aim of this list is to show that LISP is a language that can be used for web development too. Sometimes I get the impression that LISP has been stereotyped as something that belongs in some university AI lab and not really suited for something as mundane as web development. However as can be seen here, that’s just not true.

Common Lisp

On the Hunchentoot homepage it says that among others the following sites are using it:

Postabon: “Postabon helps you save money by connecting you to discounts recommended by like-minded consumers in your area.” Looks like very serious stuff.

City Farming, a german online store, looks like it’s using WebLocks which I suppose is in turn using Hunchentoot, or?

clutu: “clutu is a crossword puzzle that you can play with your friends.”

Orbis NetCoach, login credentials are needed but I’ve included it anyway since the customer list is impressive it must mean the app is probably impressive too 🙂

En Route Spokane: “En Route Spokane is an online trip planner, helping you find the quickest way to your destination by bus. You may know how to get around with just the schedules, but En Route is designed to be exceptionally convenient, finding shortcuts and optimal routes that you may not have thought of.”

CLiki: “CLiki is a Common Lisp wiki. It contains links to and resources for free software implemented in Common Lisp.”

Pascal Costanza’s homepage is using LML: “LML is a Common Lisp package for generating HTML and XHTML documents.”, from the CL directory.

wigflip, a collection of funny applications, written by Zach Beane.

Lisper.ru, I can’t read the Cyrillic but it says SBCL on the front page.

perioperativebleeding.org: “This is an e-learning-website for anaesthesiologists providing cme-points.”

On the WebLocks homepage there are links to:

LAMsight: “A community dedicated to fast-tracking LAM research.”

Thanandar looks like a role playing game which some serious effort has been poured into, too bad it’s all in German only.


Flight Caster, “FlightCaster predicts flight delays. We use an advanced algorithm that scours data on every domestic flight for the past 10-years and matches it to real-time conditions.”, this looks like a first rate application by Bradford Cross, impressive.

Runa: “Runa is a conversion marketing service that dramatically lifts sales and profits by rescuing lost sales.”, I know for a fact that this is an advanced piece of work since I subscribe to one developer blog.

briancarper.net is powering his own blog with Clojure through his cow-blog creation. This is awesome, probably first time I’ve seen a blogger write his own blog platform in the language of his choice.

ffclassic.net, also by Brian Carper it seems.

The Deadline: “TheDeadline’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) sees to it that nothing is forgotten.”

Backtype.com: At least some parts of it are made with Clojure, a developer blog here.


VizReader, an RSS reader that also manages Twitter and various visualizations to connect the dots between the stuff you read.

The PicoLisp Wiki


Hacker News, a Reddit like app.

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