Logitech MX 1100 Cordless Laser Mouse review

So I just got my new MX 1100 and I think it’s a great mouse, the only gripe I have with it is that it isn’t laptop friendly. That however is not Logitech’s fault. It would simply be great if there was a model that looked and felt like the MX 1100 but had the mini USB reciever and laptop snapping ability.

For you who are unfamiliar with this terminology the mini receiver is super small and you simply put it into a USB port and forget about it. Due to its minimal size you will never have to fear that it will break the port if/when the machine is handled roughly during transport. To get the mouse to snap to your laptop lid you glue a small spike to the lid which the mouse can latch on to through a small construction on its underside.

My love affair with Logitech started when I had my dad simply buy me a random mouse on his way back from work one day. He bought the Logitech V550 which has the features mentioned above; it also has the free spinning scroll wheel which I instantly came to love. Due to the fact that the wheel spins freely you simply flip it and it will scroll through huge documents without having to touch it again. It’s a massive time and energy saver whose lack of I consider to be a deal breaker for a mouse.

So what prompted me to buy the MX 1100 is the fact that it has more buttons than 2 (this is what the V550 has), I need more buttons than 2 so I can program them to do various things in different applications. The MX 1100 is also bigger and more ergonomical. However in hindsight given the importance of the mini USB and snapping I wish I had bought the Logitech VX Nano instead. It also has two extra buttons and a free spinning wheel plus the mini USB and the snapping ability.

The only thing the VX Nano doesn’t have that the MX 1100 has is the ergonomics, comfortable size and the ability to adjust pointer sensitivity on the mouse itself. However I can live without those two.

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