MODx 1.0 – proper configuration of file manager

For everything to work properly you have to:

1.) Go Tools -> File manager -> File Manager Path = /home/hsarvell/www/trakajak/assets/ in my case.

2.) Go Interface & Features -> File base path: = /home/hsarvell/www/trakajak/assets/

3.) Go Interface & Features -> File Browser Url =

Switch paths as necessary to reflect your own setup but note that you do NOT set for instance /assets/images. So now even my challenged father can add pictures by simply left clicking an article and choosing Edit Document -> Clicking the image icon in TinyMCE -> Clicking the Browse image in the Image URL field in the insert/edit image form -> simply clicking the image he wants in the FCKeditor Resource Browser and then -> insert, voila! Done.

Lycka till med dina träkajaker!

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