Ubuntu Netbook Remix on Lenovo S10e – review

I just downloaded Ubuntu Netbook Remix and managed to install it on my Lenovo S10e.

My Lenovo came with a prepacked Windows XP, but through the install instructions I was able to manage pretty easily.

First of all the installation procedure in 9.04 is less of a hassle than ever before, especially the drive partitioning part. Installation of Swedish keyboard was also pretty much an automatic affair.

Netbook remix comes with a kind of active desktop where you can access stuff easily, all windows automatically maximizes too, I like both these features which come in handy on a small screen and with constant use of a touchpad which I find awkward compared to using a real mouse. Apart from that it’s basically ye old Ubuntu.

However the biggest test was if the mobile HDSPA broadband would work and it did, flawlessly. Which, I think, is a first. My version is through an external USB modem, the Lenovo doesn’t have a built in one.

So that’s where I am right now, writing this through a HDSPA link, and so far happy. I will update this post with more info as soon as it happens.

Update: I’ve just noticed that the wifi won’t work with all routers, there are problems with the authentication on currently an iPort and an old dlink, despite having upgraded the BIOS. Due to this fact I have to recommend you to NOT buy the Lenovo s10e.

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