Compiz Fusion – finally working

Using Intrepid and the newest Nvidia drivers (version no. 180), Compiz Fusion finally works, so does TwinView. What a massive relief, finally!

Now spinning cubes look nice and all but are not very useful, a good video demonstrating basically all the stuff I find important is this one:

Scale is by far the nicest one to have in my mind, as shown in the above video. Note that you can also set it to show only the windows on the current desktop, not just all, on different areas or keyboard combos.

Another combo that I have discovered is first setting windows to get focus simply by hovering over them with the mouse. That can be done by going Administration -> Window settings. Next enable opacity on windows losing focus in the Compiz settings window, set it to maybe 100 milliseconds.

The result is that when you for instance are reviewing some Linux tutorial requiring you to enter commands into a terminal you can simply have the terminal floating above Firefox, when you need to read more you simply hover with the pointer above an area that Firefox is occupying and scroll down with the wheel. The terminal will simultaneously go almost invisible so you can see the text beneath it. Then when you need to get back to the terminal you simply hover above it and write whatever it is that you need to write there, it will go opaque instantly. The point is to not having to do basically anything at all to switch focus here, which is possible if one of the windows you are switching too is smaller than the other since it can then hover above the bigger one.

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