Historic day for me and Linux

I’m writing in the middle of the jungle, using a GPRS modem on Linux, read on and you’ll understand why that’s such a massive milestone. Up until now there has been only one single reason why I’ve still used Windows, my Salomon modem wouldn’t work on Linux.

10 minutes ago I accidentally fired up my laptop with Intrepid Ibex, with the modem connected (in hindsight I wonder why I never tried explicitly, I guess I had mentally given up). The Salomon modem is one of those things that just never would work, until now. I was just waiting for the OS to load so I could choose reboot (to boot into Windows) without pressing the OFF button.

Surprisingly I noticed a message in the status bar claiming that a “mobile broadband device” had been detected. So I click the network icon and select Mobile Broadband -> Configure… And I see the Thai ISPs, DTAC, AIS and True. Wow! After selecting DTAC (my ISP) I simply couldn’t believe it when I was able to connect to my Gmail.

That is why this day is historic in my life, it is the first day that Linux beat Windows on the extremely important hardware compatibility front. Using Intrepid on my Aspire 2920 doesn’t require a single driver CD or hours of work or similar such bullshit which Windows needs, for instance for the GPRS in the form of drivers with a custom software.

Simply put, Linux just works for the first time, more than Windows. I will now format the Windows drive and never look back! I’ve been waiting for this moment a long time and I think all you people that are working with hardware related stuff for Linux are awesome! You did it, you won, you kicked the living shit out of the biggest reason for MS existence. I’m awed.

Where do I go to donate?

Fucking amazing, almost as crazy as a black president!

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