Black Reuben Gtk / Metacity theme

I’ve been a great fan of the Reuben theme, originally by akka, in fact it is the only theme I’ve ever used on Linux. The other day I needed some change though, I’m also a sucker for dark themes, I hate the glare of white backgrounds, luckily Reuben is somewhat beige which takes the edge off the worst.

It was time though, to darkify Reuben and this is the result (click on the image to see the full resolution):

Black Reuben Gtk theme

The screen shot is from my Acer laptop with Intrepid Ibex on it. Intrepid is the best Ubuntu distro so far in my book, everything just works, even the desktop effects.

Black Reuben Gtk Theme Download

Enjoy, it took me the better part of an afternoon to modify this thing!

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