What a day

So I’m in the BKK office this week, for some reason the /etc/network/interfaces got whacked when I plugged in my Ubuntu here yesterday, no idea why.

The lines “auto lo” and “iface lo inet loopback” were missing and as a result I could not access localhost and hence not work so it was pretty serious stuff. Anyway putting them back solved that after some hours of frustrating search.

Later that day we discover that basically all Windows machines are infected with some virus that injects */day.js at the top of every webpage in IE and Firefox. It’s some kind of trojan that duplicates the interface id of the gateway machine in order to take over its duties and do whatever it wants with the traffic it now gets, something like that anyway.

Doing arp -a in a command prompt lets you see all the duplicated stuff and hence which machines are infected.

Finally we managed to clear it out with CCleaner.

Not much else got done.

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