My favorite daily worse than failure – 2007

If you are a programmer and don’t know of the daily wtf yet then this linklist is a good introduction.

If you already subscribe to the site then maybe you missed some of the gold nuggets below.

In any case, this is my gift for the holidays, my absolute favorites of the past months, enjoy!

The Re-Interview
This one seems too crazy to be true, absolutely awesome anyway.

Faulty by Design
Monitoring the Email Monitor
F*cking programming
Not wtf but really, really funny anyway.

Identity Crisis
Diary of a Third-Class Programmer
This one seems exaggerated too, in any case, hilarious!

Only $0.001 per Line
The dangers of outsourcing to the wrong firm.

The Cost of High Security
The Beast
It Only Seems Redundant and Stupid
Illicit Process Improvement
A must read, you don’t want management like this if you are the owner, that is for sure!

CodeSOD: No Loop For You!
Doomed from the Start
The Bug That Shut Down Computers World-Wide
Funny history.

Tales from the Interview: Good Answer… Perhaps TOO Good
The Sharon System
Make sure the one who hires the contractor at least knows a little bit about what the hell the contractor is supposed to do. Otherwise you might end up with a Sharon System.

It’s Just a Wiring Problem

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