eZ Components at first glance

Through phpdeveloper.org I just discovered eZ Components. My first thought was how can yet another php library help me? Or more precisely since I’m a user of the Zend Framework and Smarty, is there anything in eZ that I can use to augment my current setup with?

Well, what instantly struck me were the graph tools. You don’t have that in ZF. They look like they can handle most situations too, even 3D diagrams. The archive component is also interesting, especially extracting and appending single files to a compressed archive. ImageConversion is another component I might use, it looks like it makes some common image operations really easy.

EZ supports the observer pattern through the SignalSlot component which could be handy for some developers. Another noteworthy component that I made a mental note of is Workflow. However, both of these components feel like a little bit overkill for me and the problems I’m faced with on a daily basis. It’s good to know where they can be found though.

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