Update: I don’t use this framework anymore my favorite way of communicating with the server is now the $.post method of jQuery.

It all began when I had to make an IRC style chat for my date site project.

– Can I use flash with amfphp?
– No.
– Ok. *damit!*

At this point I had already started to use various parts of the PEAR repository so it was only natural to look there for some help. And wadda ya know, HTML Ajax to the rescue! I’ve never looked at another Ajax framework after that. HTML Ajax does everything I want and keeps me out of the horrible world of js to a great extent. After a couple of weeks the chat was up and running with the ability to create chat rooms, having admins that can kick people, icons next to each chat room participant with the ability to initiate private chats and much more. And I was able to do all this with a minimum of js code, awesome!

However, some tips are in order:
If you want even more eye candy and are thinking about mixing in prototype and scriptaculous, you won’t be able to use the php serialize function in HTML Ajax anymore because of the way prototype extends the js array class. At least not in the version I am using (0.49 or 0.5). No problem, jspanserializer to the rescue.

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