Blender 3 With AMD Ryzen GPU Rendering in Cycles in Ubuntu 22.04

I just upgraded from Ubuntu 18.04 to 22.04 and was under the assumption that everything would just work given that AMD (as opposed to Nvidia) isn’t doing closed binary blobs for drivers.

But no, binary drivers that are ahead of the open ones are needed for more advanced stuff like rendering on the GPU in Cycles.

Go to how to for installing the AMD binaries here.

However, apparently the AMD devs screwed up the dependencies for 22.04, like for instance requiring python when only python3 is available. Finally I found the solution in this Ask Ubuntu answer.

I managed to miss the fact that I need to add my user to new groups, it’s the final steps of the AMD process.

But, but, a simple logout didn’t get HIP up and running after adding myself to the render and video groups, I needed to restart!

After the restart all was good, the proof:

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